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Gaithers Homecoming Albums 1



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                                                           The Old Rugged Cross  -  Bill & Gloria Gaither                                                     A Tent Revival Homecoming  -  Bill & Gloria Gaither 
just released September 27, 2011 The Old Rugged Cross                                                              A Tent Revival 

Ultimate Gaither Collection     -   Bill & Gloria Gaither         Alaskan Homecoming Live  - Bill and Gloria Gaither        Majesty Live   Bill Gaither         Count Your Blessings    -    Bill and Gloria Gaither         Giving Thanks    -    Bill  and Gloria Gaither
Ultimate Gaither Collection        Alaskan Homecoming Live             Majesty Live                                  Count Your Blessings                      Giving Thanks

Best Of Homecoming Volume 2    Bill & Gloria Gaither         Nashville Homecoming  Bill Gaither & Gloria Gaither        Joy in My Heart     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol.  1     -     Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither         Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol.   2     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither 
Best Of Homecoming Vol. 2        Nashville Homecoming                   Joy In My Heart                           Country Bluegrass Vol. 1            Country Bluegrass Vol. 2

A Campfire Homecoming     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         Homecoming Picnic  Bill & Gloria Gaither        Rock of Ages     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         Love Can Turn The World     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         South African Homecoming      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither 
A Campfire Homecoming               Homecoming Picnic                         Rock Of Ages                          Love Can Turn The World          South African Homecoming

Precious Memories      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Sweet, Sweet Spirit      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither        How Great Thou Art     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         Amazing Grace     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         Christmas With Bill & Gloria Gaither  Bill Gaither & Gloria and Homecoming Friends 
   Precious Memories                      Sweet Sweet Spirit                       How Great Thou Art                       Amazing Grace                     Christmas Bill & Gloria Gaither

Gaither Homecoming Classics  Vol. 1 - 4    -   Bill & Gloria Gaither         Christmas in South Africa Bill and Gloria Gaither        Homecoming Christmas in South Africa Bill and Gloria Gaither Present         Bill Gaither Remembers Homecoming Heroes          Bill Gaither Remembers Old Friends 
Gaither Homecoming V 1 – 4   Christmas in South Africa    Homecoming from South Africa  Remembers Homecoming Heroes     Remembers Old Friends

Canadian Homecoming   -   Bill & Gloria Gaither         Live from Toronto    -  Bill and Gloria Gaither         Christmas  Back Home in Indiana Bill & Gloria Gaither ,  Trio         A Tribute to George Younce     -     Bill and Gloria Gaither         Bill Gaither’s Favorite Homecoming Songs & Performances  It Is No Secret
Canadian Homecoming                   Live from Toronto               Christmas Back Home in Indiana      Tribute to George Younce                  It Is No Secret

 Peace in the Valley      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Israel Homecoming  Bill & Gloria Gaither        Jerusalem Homecoming   -   Bill & Gloria Gaither          Church In The Wildwood     -     Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither         Hymns     -     Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither 
   Peace In The Valley                      Israel Homecoming                    Jerusalem Homecoming                 Church In The Wildwood                     Hymns

Something Beautiful     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither          Alleluia Songs of Worship     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither        Amazing Grace ( CD with DVD )     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither          He Touch Me  ( CD with DVD )     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         Bill Gaither  by   Bill & Gloria Gaither 
  Something Beautiful                   Alleluia: Songs of Worship          Amazing Grace (CD & DVD)       He Touched Me ( CD & DVD )         Bill Gaither by Bill Gaither

2005 Bill Gaither by Bill Gaither
2005 Hymns
2005 Church In The Wildwood
2005 Jerusalem Homecoming
2005 Israel Homecoming
2005 Peace In The Valley
2005 Bill Gaither’s Favorite Homecoming Songs & Performances : It Is No Secret
2005 A Tribute To George Younce
2005 Christmas Back Home In Indiana
2006 He Touched Me ( CD with DVD )
2006 Amazing Grace ( CD with DVD )
2006 Gaither Homecoming Tour Live from Toronto
2006 Canadian Homecoming
2006 Bill Gaither Remembers Old Friends
2006 Bill Gaither Remembers Homecoming Heroes
2006 Homecoming Christmas from South Africa
2006 Christmas in South Africa
2006 Gaither Homecoming Classics Volume 1 – 4
2007 Alleluia: Songs of Worship
2007 Something Beautiful
2007 Christmas With Bill & Gloria Gaither
2007 Amazing Grace
2007 How Great Thou Art
2007 Sweet , Sweet Spirit
2007 Precious Memories
2007 South African Homecoming
2007 Love Can Turn The World
2008 Rock Of Ages
2008 Homecoming Picnic
2008 A Campfire Homecoming
2008 Country Bluegrass Homecoming Volume 1
2008 Country Bluegrass Homecoming Volume 2
2009 Joy In My Heart
2009 Nashville Homecoming
2009 Best Of Homecoming Volume 2
2010 Giving Thanks
2010 Count Your Blessings
2011 Majesty Live
2011 Alaskan Homecoming Live
2011 Ultimate Gaither Collection
2011 A Tent Revival Homecoming
2011 The Old Rugged Cross



Gaither Vocal Band
Michael English
Bill Gaither
Wes Hampton
Mark Lowry
David Phelps

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